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Yanagiya Jocelyne Hair Cover Foundation 13g

RM 69.90

A moist cream type texture which easy to spread. Applicable for hair line, hair root and hair corners. It contains camellia seed oil, horse oil and hydrolyzed collagen.  Compact casing, and with a tip that can be used to apply hair corners. Water resistant. Temporary hair dye that can easily be washed away with shampoo.  

可自然掩蓋髮線及髮際間的白髮和稀髮 ,造型後、乾髮時再使用,取適量沾在粉撲上,塗抹在白髮及稀髮上即可自然完成。 髮際間的細微處,可用盒內所附的小棉棒,一點點仔細的塗抹。

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