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Wahadabisen Gokujo Fermented Rice Face Wash 100g (和肌美泉 極釀稻米酵素萃取洗顏泥)

RM 69.90

Rice Vinegar Fermented Extract from Kyoto fixes up skin texture and moisturizes skin. Contains 6 ingredients derived from Japanese rice to moist and Okinawa sea clay to removes dirt from pores and makes bright skin.

含有6種國產大米成分的洗面奶。混合了“米醋發酵液”,以京都和宮津的無農藥有機米為原料。 發酵的代謝物,氨基酸,礦物質和維生素可保持皮膚濕潤質地。 此外,來自沖繩的海泥可吸收細小的污垢和古老的角質材料,並且洗淨毛孔。

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