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Unlabel Moist Botanical Multi Souffle Cream 110g (植萃舒芙蕾高保濕霜)

RM 79.90

Effective botanical butters provide intense hydration and seals them inside your skin to improve the stratum corneum barrier function for healthier, smoother skin. Contain Coix seed extract, Scutellaria baicalensis extract, Yuzu fruit extract and Horse chestnut extract calms inflamed skin while supporting the skin barrier function. Use on the face and body.

療癒的香草香氣,舒芙蕾質地,一抹即化,高滲透,3秒吸收不黏膩。有效拯救肌膚暗沉及沙漠乾燥肌,讓肌膚保持剛上妝的最佳保水狀態。無添加、無色素 無礦物油、無動物性成分。弱酸性,敏感肌亦適用。

*Direct imported from Taiwan.

For single order above *RM100
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