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TUNEMAKERS Undiluted Solution Serum Gel Face Wash 150ml (神經醯胺保濕潔顏露)

RM 119.90

A non-foaming gel face wash that cleanses and moisturizes. Carefully formulated from 5 undiluted solutions of Ceramide 3 (moisturizing), AHA 2 (keratin care), Hyaluronic acid 2 (moisturizing), Vitamin C1 (whitening). The rich gel removes dead skin cells and impurities from pores, leaving smooth and clear skin. 

濃密凝膠質地,溫和潔顏,去除肌膚髒汙及老廢角質。添加品牌特調“水潤潔顏黃金比例“之5種原液成分: 神經醯胺 3 (保濕),果酸 2(調理角質),玻尿酸 2(保濕),維生素C 1(美白)。 

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