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TUNEMAKERS Undiluted Solution Brightening Emulsion 100ml (傳明酸亮白凝乳)

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A medicated undiluted brightening emulsion that mixes undiluted solutions to prevent blemishes and care (intensive care) for skin that is concerned about dryness and dullness. The active ingredient "tranexamic acid" that prevents spots and 5 types of "undiluted solutions" necessary for dry dullness care are formulated in a unique ratio.

含有活性成分传明酸,以TUNEMAKERS独有的透明肌比例混合有效成分和暗沉护理所需的5种原液。有效阻止黑色素继续过度产生的“瑕疵链”,防止瑕疵同时抵抗暗沉。 调合成分:维生素C衍生物:5,神经酰胺:3,烟酰胺:3,洋甘菊提取物:2,角鲨烷:1。采用活性渗透处方,即使是因紫外线而干燥和硬化的皮肤也能轻松渗透。配合高纯度角鲨烷原液配制而成,质地浓厚,但是能够很快地渗透肌肤。不含香料,色素,矿物油,石油表面活性剂,酒精。敏感皮肤可以用。

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