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Too Cool For School Mineral Pink Salt Deep Cleansing Water 500ml

RM 109.90

A sub acid cleansing water formulated with 100% pure pink salt and seawater. The pink salt thoroughly cleanses the residues from makeup and the sea water provides rich mineral and hydration to your skin. 

萃取3億年原始海洋演化位居海拔3700米的鹽湖,人稱"安地斯山脈粉紅鹽"為珍貴成分。 100% 純正天然鹽、自然日曬未經過精製、含有80種天然礦物質。 敏感肌適用,頑固的濃烈彩妝,也能輕易卸除。 

Direct imported product from Korea/Taiwan & 3-7 working days to be shipped.
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