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Tokyo Love Soap 100g

RM 79.90

This original version of the Tokyo Love Soap family started the intimate soap trend all over the world. Tokyo Love Soap Original is made up of 100% vegan skin whitening ingredients that is capable of making the skin complexion perfectly even as well as dramatic skin whitening after just one use. Using everyday will leave your skin and the intimate areas smelling fresh, glowing, smooth and amazingly rosy-white.

以印尼传统的天然草本"高贵佳木",温和洗去女性私处的恼人异味和暗沉。 独家调和8种天然草本发挥洗净、保湿、调理肌肤等效果,同时还特别融合了被许多除臭产品所选用的成分柿单宁和茶提取物,温和洗净敏感部位的烦恼。

Direct imported product from Japan/Taiwan and normally 3-7 working days to be shipped.  
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