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Tokyo Love Soap 100g

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Tokyo Love Soap Original is a very effective yet affordable soap that will perfectly even out the skin tone as well as the dramatic skin whitening effect that raised the benchmark for soaps. It is a combination of effective natural and organic ingredients that lightens the skin, remove impurities, tighten pores, clear the skin of discolorations as well as soften and smoothen the skin. Mild enough even for use on the intimate areas.

结合多种美容养肤成分:植物胎盘素促进皮肤蛋白质合成,促进细胞再生、美白及淡化皱纹 、豆乳发酵液和透明质酸给皮肤带来透明感,丝胶具有优异的保湿和抗氧化作用。针对女性私密部份,如脚掌,乳头,乳晕,腋下,V线,阴部等部位的皮肤设计,解决皮肤发黑的问题并且嫩滑肌肤。全植物手工皂成分温和, 不含添加剂,任何部位都可轻松使用。

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