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Tokyo Love Feminine Soap 150ml

RM 59.90

Weak acid-soap with Glutathione which protects your skin from damages and stress gently washes away dullness and darkening. In addition to basic Royal Jamu herbs, added 3 types of extra Ayurveda herbs and Glutathione, which is remarkable component as anti-oxidant effect. It protects your skin from damages and stress.

How to use: Apply to wet body, then work into a lather. Rinse thoroughly after use.

特别融合因为能够从刺激和压力中保护肌肤而备受瞩目的抗氧化成分谷胱甘肽的弱酸性液体皂液, 可以将你为之烦恼的暗沉和黑斑温柔洗净。起泡成分选择了婴幼儿洗发水等产品中被广泛使用的椰油酰两性基乙酸,不添加任何矿物油、硫酸系化合物、酒精、防腐剂等肌肤所不需要的成分。特别调整为与肌肤pH值相同的弱酸性,实现真正无刺激的温和舒爽。


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