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Tofu No Moritaya Soy Yogurt Soothing Face Mask 150g (豆腐盛田屋 豆腐全效藍凍膜)

RM 139.90

Contains soymilk fermentation broth, honey, yogurt, and other food-derived beauty ingredients to fill the texture with moisture, solve dryness and continue to moisturize your skin. Added squalane which supplement the skin's natural sebum and soothe the skin after sun.

添加豆乳發酵液、蜂蜜、優格、絲瓜萃取、奇異果、茶葉萃取等源自於食品的美容成分,調理肌膚,讓肌理充飽水分,解決乾燥並持續滋潤。添加角鯊烷補充皮膚天然皮脂。 一分鐘簡單保養,解決曬後肌的所有困擾。無礦物油、不使用合成介面活性劑。清爽檸檬草香。

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