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SOFINA IP UV Resister Rich Cream SPF50 30ml (蘇菲娜沁潤美容防護霜)

RM 159.90

Its unique "Day Clearance" ingredients keep the skin safe from dryness caused by factors like UV exposure.  It protects the skin from UV exposure, dryness, and other harsh conditions to ensure all-day moisture and radiance. The cream spreads on easily and sinks into place with a smooth finish. Contains ceramide care ingredients. Can also be used as a makeup base.  

使用獨家的"Day clearence"成分配方,能夠保護肌膚免受紫外線等白天的乾燥問題。保護肌膚免受紫外線和乾燥等惡劣環境的影響,並使肌膚全天保持滋潤及透明感。含有神經酰胺護理成分,可以保護和補充神經酰胺的功能並提供水分的護理,也可以當作妝前飾底乳使用。 

*Direct imported from Japan/Taiwan.

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