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SOFINA est Cleansing Essence Enriched 190g

RM 259.90

A serum cleanser that contains rich moisturizing ingredients. It removes makeup while retaining moisture in the skin. Hydrating ingredients form a moisture veil to hold in moisture, leaving you with fresh, hydrated and supple skin. 

添加高濃度保濕精華成分與嬡色核心保養複合物,透過高分子乳化技術,促進肌膚新陳代謝,溫和卸除彩妝與髒汙, 添加大量保濕成分製成的濃密型卸妝乳。鎖住肌膚水分的同時除去彩妝。

 *Direct imported from Japan/Taiwan & 3-7 working days to be shipped.

For single order above *RM80 
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