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Setagaya Cosme Kyoto Uji Tea Organic Clear Cleasing 400ml

RM 104.90

Gentle cleanser with 16 kinds of carefully selected plant derived ingredients such as pearl barley, konjac, rice brand and Uji tea from Kyoto are combined for its high cleansing and balancing effects. For cleansing ingredients, natural baking soda will lift and remove all impurities inside pores. 

While retaining moisture, it thoroughly removes makeup and dirt in one single wash. Can be used with wet hands. Can be used on eyelash extensions. 

嚴選16種植物萃取成分,與具有高洗淨力及調理肌膚效果的京都宇治茶葉。洗淨成分使用了天然無機物小蘇打,溫和吸附毛孔深層汙垢並乾淨清除。 專為因毛孔黑頭、肌膚暗沉而苦惱的人士所設計。 濕手也可使用。假接睫毛也可使用。

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