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ROSETTE Skin Mania Ceramide Moist Milk 120ml

RM 139.90

A Japanese moisturiser milk for dry, sensitive skin with early signs of ageing. The rich, ultra-moisturising fluid is specially formulated to target roughness, irregular skin texture, and lack of firmness of dry, sensitive skin with first signs of ageing. 

濃郁牛奶質地,能快速滲透肌膚並減少保養時造成的摩擦感,幫助補乾燥肌膚補充水分,改善因乾燥引發的粗糙感。低刺激、無色素、無礦物油、無防腐劑 。

*Direct imported from Japan/Taiwan.

For single order above *RM80 
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