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Rerise Re Black Hair Server 155g (白髮專用復黑菁華乳), Volume 蓬鬆型

RM 180.00

A revolutionary grey hair care product with 100% naturally derived pigment, "black hair melanin*". Can be used in the shower and gradually adds natural black color to the hair with every use. "Re Black" will retain black color to grey hair and recommended to use for completely covering grey hair, leading to a youthful impression. "Sleek" type that keeps the hair set to the hair ends. Featured server container is easy to use.使用100%天然萃取染色成分"黑髮黑色素的根源*"來進行染髮的次世代白髮護理品。可輕鬆於浴室中使用,為頭髮補上自然黑色,採用容易使用的水壺式容器。

*Direct imported product from Taiwan & 3-7 working days to be shipped.

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