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ORBIS Clearful Lotion 180ml (For Acne)

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Formulated with an acne-fighting herbal blend and NANO-VC Shot Capsule that are delivered deep into skin with Deep Delivery Technology to work on preventing acne. It provides plenty of moisture to prevent moisture loss and prevent excessive oil production due to dryness. Suitable for combination to oily skin.

含有5种源自东方植物的成分和胶原蛋白,可提供水分并保持屏障功能。在呵护肌肤的同时,预防青春痘和肌肤粗糙。“Nano VC Shot Capsules” 可提高渗透力和毛孔护理,保湿配方抑制水分蒸发,用湿膜包裹角质层。无油、无香料、无色素、弱酸性、无酒精、无表面活性剂、准药物。 针对容易长粉刺的皮肤至超油性皮肤。

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