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ONE BY KOSE Melanoshot White D Brightening Serum 40ml

RM 289.90

This medicated lightening serum contains kojic acid to "remove color* from the source of age spots." It acts directly on the source of age spots, removes color*, cutting off the productions of melanin at the source to leave the skin clear and bright, without a trace of age spots. The highly penetrating base instantly sinks into even skin that has been toughened by sun damage or dryness, immediately delivering serum ingredients to every part of the skin. After use, you can immediately feel a difference in translucency, moisturization, and softness. 

採用「狙擊黑色素配方」的藥用美白美容精華液。可以直接作用於斑點根源,從根部斷絕黑色素產生,並保持肌膚滿溢清透感無斑點跡象。高滲透力的基底,可立即舒緩曬傷或因乾燥而變粗糙的肌膚,柔軟日照及乾燥而僵硬的肌膚 。

*Direct imported from Japan/Taiwan.

For single order above *RM80 
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