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MEISHOKU Season After Care Treatment Hard 200ml (明色 除毛後修護膠)

RM 49.90

It is a hard type of care firmly on skin which deeply waste hair and repeats depilation and depilation on a daily basis.

High isoflavone content material Pueraria Mirifica extract is compounded, and high effect can be expected also for deep waste hair suppression. Pineapple enzyme (Bromelain) that arranges to smooth skin and pomegranate extract formulation that leads to a feminine transparent sense skin, skin that repeats hair depilation and depilation also keeps the skin that has been touched! It is a fragrance of citrus aroma that can be fresh and played.

Combines Pueraria Mirifica with female hormone-like action. It is said that this ingredient has the activity effect of female hormone estrogen, it has high effect on skin beautification and hair loss.

Pineapple enzyme (Bromelain) formulation that is drawing attention in waste brush care, smooth smooth skin.It contains many nutrients necessary for your skin and body, such as vitamins and minerals. Supports moist skin with feminine transparent feeling.

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