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Mediplus Gel 180g

RM 220.00

This all-in one gel contains ingredients and structures similar to human's original mineral balance. Especially for dry skin. Thanks to Medi Plus's original Moist Beauty formula, this gel completes your skincare in a single step after cleansing, relaxing, refreshing and enveloping the skin, protecting it from dryness and keeping it hydrated for up to 24 hours. External stress such as friction, dryness, and UV rays. Especially for dry skin.

化妆水 + 乳液 + 美容液 + 乳霜 + 眼霜,多效合一凝露,高倍浓缩精华,瞬间解决肌肤烦恼,保持水嫩柔滑。内含83种美容成分,温和润养,65种美容成分加上14种植物成分。


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