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MASIL 8 Seconds Salon Hair Mask Travel Pack 20s

RM 49.90

8 seconds of speed hair treatment and the texture will magically turned from watery to creamy, makes your hair smooth and silky in no time. Contains 16 plant ingredients and extracts to repair damaged hair, and the dual proteins filled with scales to enhance hair elasticity. The transparent essence can directly contact the scalp and become thick cream texture, which instantly penetrates into the hair.

洗髮後稍微將頭髮擦至半乾,將髮膜均勻抹至頭髮與頭皮,髮膜遇水將轉變為白色乳狀質地稍加按摩,8秒後沖洗乾淨即可。 止痒、防脱、去屑。

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