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KOSE Sekkisei Sun Protect Essence Milk SPF50 55ml

RM 139.90

An emulsion-type sunscreen milk with oriental herbal extracts, that feels great with a silky-smooth, light texture. Protects the skin from damage due to UV rays and environmental elements, keeping it beautifully translucent.

SPF50+/PA++++, the highest possible ratings in Japan. Offers solid protection from photoaging caused by UV-A rays (gradually reduce resilience and elasticity) and UV-B rays (burn the skin causing redness and inflammation), and prevents age spots and freckles caused by sun exposure.

Contains twice as much coix seed extract (oriental herbal extract) as the former product. Also contains akebia extract for better skincare treatment, and "dullness care ingredients*" such as moutan bark extract for enhanced translucency. Prevents dullness and skin troubles caused by dryness, and maintains a supple, translucent beauty.

Contains porous powder to protect the skin from external stress factors such as dryness, cigarette smoke and air pollution.

Uses a light-textured emollient often found in emulsions, that is easily absorbed into the skin without any stickiness and leaves the skin feeling full and supple.

Contains Smooth Powder and UV ray blocking ingredients with high dispersing properties. Holds moisture within the skin's epidermis and maintains a silky-light finish that takes makeup well.

Regulates the skin to a velvety touch, and doubles as a perfect makeup base that makes foundation sit better and last longer. Waterproof to withstand perspiration and water, but can be washed off easily and effortlessly with regular face wash or body soap.

For the face and body.

Direct imported product from Japan/Taiwan and normally 3-7 working days to be shipped.  
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