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KOSE LECHERI Lift Glow Emulsion Moist 120ml

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A milky lotion that softens and loosens the skin, leading to firm and glossy skin. With Kose's unique penetration technology newly developed "ionization capsule" which positively charged ionized capsules attract and adhere to negatively charged skin and  excellent penetration power efficiently deliver moisture and carefully selected ingredients deep into the stratum corneum.

KOSE 独有的渗透技术新开发“正电离子化囊体”,与带有负电子的肌肤吸引紧贴,渗透力优异的囊体,将润泽和严选的成分,更高效地输送至肌肤深层。胶原蛋白成分配合,长时间的持续浓密润泽,保护肌肤免受由季节和身体变化引起的干燥。

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