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Kiku-Masamune Rice Fermented Moisture Gel 150g (菊正宗 白米與發酵保濕凝露)

RM 99.90

6-in-1 (lotion, essence, milky lotion, cream, makeup foundation, pack) moisturizing gel quickly penetrates into the stratum corneum of your skin and tightly captures moisture. Can be used on face and neck. No fragrance, no coloring.

6合1功效: 化妝水 + 精華液 + 乳液 + 乳霜 + 肌底液 + 隔離乳,包含更多VC透明質酸,含11種來自大米的成份和6種發酵成份調和。弱酸性,無香料、無著色、無礦物油、無硅膠。

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