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Kiku-Masamune Japanese Sake Serum 150ml (菊正宗 日本酒精華液)

RM 99.90

Contains Japanese sake from the brewers at Kiku Masamune. In addition, 3 kinds of ceramide and 2 kinds of vitamin C derivatives are combined for clear, supple and firm bare skin. Placenta extract and arbutin are combined. Starting with the face, apply anywhere on the body like the neck and decollete. Low pH. Contains no added color or mineral oil. 

添加了日本酒(大米發酵液)及12種氨基酸的濃稠精華液。添加菊正宗純米吟釀酒。並追加3種神經醯胺與2種維他命C衍生物、胎盤素精華、熊果素。不僅可用於臉部,還可以用於頸部、前胸及全身護理。弱酸性、無著色劑 、無礦物油。

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