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Junkisei UV Protect Milk SPF50 45ml ( 潤肌精 防水隔離防曬乳)

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Contains 70% high-moisturizing fermented hyaluronic acid, and plant extracts to prevent dryness at the same time as sunscreen. Prevent spots and freckles caused by the sun, and enhance the skin's protection against environmental damage. It is extremely resistant to sweat and water, and is not easy to fall off when rubbed and rubbed. Can be used as makeup primer. Easily remove by washing cream and shower.

添加70%高潤澤效果的發酵玻尿酸、和漢植物淬取液等美容成分,防曬的同時間去保養肌膚並預防乾燥。預防因日曬形成的斑點、雀斑,提升肌膚對環境傷害的保護力。 極效耐汗、耐水,搓揉及摩擦也不易脫落,富含隔離紫外線配方的保護膜,防護肌膚不受傷害。可作為粧前乳使用。洗顏霜及沐浴乳即可卸除。

*Direct imported from Taiwan.

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