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JG Hair Tonic 30ml (日本脱毛症白斑生发剂)

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Prevent alopecia, hair promotion, baldness, baldness, baldness, malignant alopecia, and symptoms caused by all body depilation, and promote hair growth. At the same time, it also has a good effect on dry grease leakage and common leukoplakia. 3 bottles for a course of treatment, can be used continuously for more than 3 months to see obvious effects.

For alopecia patients, apply an appropriate amount to the affected part 2-3 times a day without cleaning. Then, gently massage the smeared part with fingers to promote absorption and better effect of rubbing heat! For leukoplakia patients, 3 ~ 4 times a day, gently massage!

主治:防止脱发、毛发促进、秃顶、谢顶、以及恶性脱毛症、身体一切脱毛引发的症状,促使毛发生长[强] 同时对于干性脂漏和寻常性白斑也有很好的作用。 

用法:对于脱发患者一日2~3回,适量涂抹患处即可,无需清洗。然后 ,对于涂抹完的部位轻轻进行按摩 。 对于白斑患者一天3~4回,轻轻按摩!

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