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Japan pH Care Feminine Wash 150ml (4 scents), Fresh Blossom

RM 49.90

Formulated with a low pH that is compatible with the skin, so as not to irritate delicate areas. Cleanses thoroughly and provides natural moisturization. Removes the causes of odor without damaging the skin’s natural moisture barrier. A refreshing scent.

Shower Splash - Fragrance of refreshing bubbles
Fresh Blossom - Fragrance of floral
Passionate Blossom - Elegant scent of rose floral
Powder Mint - Fragrance of mint

曾獲Cosme大賞第一名,在日本更創下上億瓶的銷售成績 。這款私處清潔液的泡泡非常細緻柔滑,加上其成分是從多種天然植物提取,不含色素和其他添加物,所以使用起來溫和不刺激,可以安心使用。而它的使用方法就如沐浴乳一樣,適度在私處清潔,再以清水洗淨即可 。

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