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Ishizawa Pore Nostrum Rice Cream 30g (石澤研究所 毛穴撫子日本米精華保濕凝霜)

RM 79.90

100% domestically produced rice-derived skin care serum which acts against dry porous skin. Spreads really well; only a small amount of this cream will cover the entire face. Traps moisture and makes the skin resilient and smooth. No coloring, fragrance-free, mild acidity.

富含100%源自日本國產米的大米精華,調理肌膚狀態改善毛孔乾燥。延展性極好,少量便可塗抹全臉。 無色素・無香料・弱酸性 

*Direct imported product from Japan/Taiwan & 3-7 working days to be shipped.

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