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Ishizawa Keana Baking Soda Nose Cream Pack 15g (毛穴撫子草莓鼻小蘇打清潔面膜)

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A cream pack to cleanse pores leaving your skin clean and beautiful. Baking soda power will soften keratin plug and dirt will suck softened keratin plug at once! Cleans pores from deep inside. The everyday pore cleaning pack, ensures a shiny and smooth nose without accumulating debris. Just apply and rinse 5 minutes later. 

這是一款能令惱人毛孔變潔淨的膏狀面膜。小蘇打能夠軟化粉刺和髒污、吸附泥能夠一下子吸出變軟的粉刺,毛孔從內而外變乾淨。 使用毛穴撫子 草莓鼻小蘇打清潔面膜,只需塗抹5分鐘擦拭掉即可。 


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