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iSDG 121 Diet Hot Enzyme 60s

RM 54.90

ISDG Diet Hot Enzyme contains enzymes and plant extracts that improve the breakdown of fats, accelerate metabolism, and help in weight loss. Ginger has long been used by those who want to speed up the metabolism. Fermented plant extracts improve digestion, accelerate metabolism. Enzymes are necessary for our body for health, they participate in almost all processes, affect cell division, help the body distribute energy more efficiently.

2 tablets per day, drink with water. 

添加121种发酵植物提取物+酵母和金时生姜多种成分。 每2粒含有弗斯可林40毫克,金时生姜200毫克,帮助您由内而外美丽、苗条、瘦身。 


For single order above *RM80 
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