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INTEGRATE Lavender Air Feel Maker SPF25 30g, 30g

RM 59.90

As light as bare skin, it corrects to the skin with a sense of sheer. The translucent air powder softly covers pores and irregularities, prepares for a skin with a sense of transparency, prevents stickiness and shine, and produces a fluffy finish. Lavender color to tone up and lasting for 12 hours.

革新3效合1「空氣粉體」,彈力粉末能柔嫩修飾毛孔凹凸、12小時長效控油。 採用薰衣草天然紫色調,運用光影折射修飾蠟黃暗沉,綻放星光般透亮美肌。

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