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HABA Squalane Oil II 30ml

RM 229.90

Squalane II is extracted from a multitude plants .This pure and lightweight beauty oil gets absorbed quickly into the skin without leaving any greasy residue. Squalane in the skin is lost as we age, causing fine lines and wrinkles to appear. Squalane naturally replaces this lost moisture leading to smoother, finer skin.

HABA以獨步全球的萃取技術,實現高純度植物性角鯊。不僅能滋潤細緻全身每吋肌膚,更適用於任何季節、膚質及年齡層,敏感肌、素食者也能安心使用。 保有全方位美肌力,實現更柔滑、更輕透的觸感。化妝水後只要一滴,就能取代乳液及乳霜,瞬間形成絲緞般的隱形鎖水膜。迅速補充25歲後隨著年齡流失的鯊烯,保濕、活化、修護、抗老、彈力,一次完成!  

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