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HABA Squa Powder Wash 80g

RM 129.90

Amino acid washing powder melts into water to create ultra-fine lather. Enzyme gets rid of dirt, dead cells and protein remnants left deep in pores thoroughly, which is suitable for acne-prone skin, while keeping essential moisture on skin. Having mild acidity, similar to skin pH is gentle to all skin types. 

木瓜酵素潔顏粉,能清除髒污及皮脂,同時瓦解粉刺,洗顏、去角質一次完成!弱酸性胺基酸系潔顏,溫和潔淨零負擔。獨家角鯊及植物美肌成分,洗後清爽不緊繃 。

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