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GIK Water-Sensing 3D Lift Mask 7s

RM 39.90

Contains 90% Punica Granatum Fruit Water. It helps combat premature ageing signs such as dehydration and wrinkles. Rich moisture penetrates the stratum corneum while tightening the skin. Lifting sheet memorizes the shape, lifting 3D mask that lifts the chin / face line you care about.

富含90%的天然石榴果水,具有消炎抗菌及收敛的效果,专为干燥、敏感肌设计,对B-16黑色素细胞活性有强烈的抑制功效。 添加了多种植物精华及独家的水解胶原蛋白秘方。剪裁非常独特,是立体式剪裁加长3D膜布,颈部可同时护理

For single order above *RM100 
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