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GIK VC Lift Mask 7s

RM 39.90

Containing 89% rose ionized water, Vitamin C & many plants extract which easily adsorbed into the skin. Packed with full essence!! The outer layer (Gold side) like honeycomb design which make it more breathable & inner layer (Black side) made of natural black carbon adsorption fiber.

有89%洋蔷薇花替代离子水,可以预防皮肤红血丝,具有抗衰老作用哦满满的都是植物原浆鲜萃精华,更容易被肌肤吸收。外层是蜂巢金膜, 内层是黑炭膜布️。采用蜂巢设计,更加透气。提亮肌膚、 有效预防红血丝、抑制黑色素,延缓衰老。

For single order above *RM100 
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