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Ettusais Herbal UV Jelly SPF50 70g

RM 99.90

This gel sunscreen contains extracts from chamomile and rosemary and provides a high sunscreen effect. It intensely blocks UV rays and the special coating does not directly come in contact with the skin, decreasing the amount of stress on the skin. The waterproof formulation does not require special cleansers for removal. Can be used on the face, body and hair. Grapefruit scented. 

藉由大小不同的2種紫外線散亂劑與3種紫外線吸收劑,無間隙防禦,含有礦物質的SPA WATER(溫泉水)。 無色素・無礦物油・無防腐劑。 葡萄柚香氣。 

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