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ELIXIR White Day Care Revolution T+ SPF50 35ml

RM 189.90

Brightening and anti-aging product has the effects of an emulsion, makeup base, and protector. Contains active brightening ingredient m-tranexamic acid to control the production of melanin and prevent dark spots and freckles. Reduces the appearance of fine lines caused by dryness (tested for effectiveness). Improves application and wear of foundation.  

三效合一 兼具乳液、粧前乳、防曬乳三重日間美容保養功效之日用美白隔離乳。 碳酸泡泡質地,使化妝水更好吸收之導入精華。利用碳酸發泡效果,進行細部按摩。採用導入技術,有效滲透至每寸深層角質。

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