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[Pre-Order] DR PEPTI Peptide Volume Essence Advanced 100ml

RM 189.90

Contains 16 peptides which help strengthen the foundation of the skin that is tired of the external environment by providing care for skin. It forms a dense layer of microbubbles and the oxygenating bubble formulas increases the absorption by more than twice of regular sheet masks. It also increases your blood circulation, which helps replenish your skin cells with oxygen and nutrients.


集水/乳/精華华/眼霜/面霜五合一,全新升级来自法国的专利原料,專利成分VOLUFILINE 基肽3000和胜肽含量加倍 。新包装成分升级4倍 ,分子更小更好吸收,配方浓缩,泡泡更紧密。富含16种胜肽成分,一瓶胜肽精华液即可以紧致皮肤,提亮肤色,淡化斑点。

使用方法: 化妆水后取适量涂抹于脸上 ,产生泡泡后,请静待泡泡消失轻拍吸收即可。

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