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Dr Nu:ell Propolis Real 90 Ampule 100ml

RM 169.00

  • 90% of propolis extract and ingredients such as honey extract, royal jelly extract and bee venom to help skin elasticity and dryness alleviation
  • Containing skin lightening ingredient, niacinamide to lighten and transparentize skin
  • Excellent moisturizing ingredients of panthenol and allantoin make relaxation effect to the skin tired of dryness
  • 90%蜂胶提取物,蜂王浆提取物,蜂蜜毒等成分有助于皮肤弹力和缓和皮肤的干燥
  • 含有美白功能成分的烟酰胺演出亮丽透明的肌肤
  • 能舒缓干燥疲劳的皮肤

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