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DR CYJ Hair Revitalizing Shampoo 150ml

RM 139.90

Contains Patented Biomimetic Peptides to prevent hair loss and revitalize follicles. Selected Natural plant extracts help to remove excess oil and impurities on your hair roots, maintain a good oil balance of your scalp.

How to use:
Rub and gently massage your scalp for 15 seconds and leave it for 30 seconds. Rub out bubbles and rinse thoroughly with water.

透過多種美國專利活性胜肽,掌控3個養髮關鍵,能強健髮根、防止髮絲斷裂並調理頭皮的健康。調理頭皮健康 + 使髮絲呈現豐盈感 + 清除多餘油脂與雜質。所有髮質、男女適用。不添加西藥成分,孕婦也可使用。


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