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DHC Repair & Moisturizing Shampoo EX 480ml

RM 129.90

Based on the Amino Acid detergent ingredient, which is considered to be gentle to the hair, and the beauty essence ingredient was also formulated. Rich foaming is a feature, and dense foam gently washes up while suppressing the squeak. It is recommended for those who suffer from accumulated damage hair feeling dryness, lack of gloss, less cohesion. Paraben free & natural ingredients formulation.

採用胺基酸護色的「深層修護系統」,能夠分別針對髮芯的髓質層、皮質層、外側的表皮層,以及覆蓋在表皮層外的18 MEA等部位進行修補。此外,特別針對毛髮各部位,嚴選最適合的保養成分,如胺基酸系修護精華、絲蛋白、絲質誘導體、米精華等,能從髮根到髮尾,進行全面修護。

*Direct imported product from Japan/Taiwan.

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