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DHC Mineral Face Wash 100g

RM 89.90

Contains Okinawa sea mud (sea silt), rich in natural mineral cleansing ingredients, and coal. It deeply into pores and draws out pore cloggers, and coal eliminates impurities, leaving you with a brighter, smoother complexion. A dense and creamy lather can be created easily! This lather works as a cushion and gently lifts impurities. Also contains artichoke leaf extract, multiflora rose fruit extract and mandarin organe peel extract, which moisturize and tighten pores and bring a brighter, firmer and healthier complexion.

含有只存在於沖繩海底的「KUCHA海泥」+「竹炭」的原料竹子,也含有從土壤中所吸收的礦物成分。將這些天然礦物成分縮,並搭配能喚回肌膚透明感的野玫瑰果實精華、朝鮮薊葉精華、苦橙果皮精華等美肌成份,打造出擁有濃密泡沫的嫩白活膚潔面乳。透過洗臉,以礦物質調理肌膚,能於肌膚表面發揮出極強的吸附力,清除阻塞於毛孔中的皮脂、髒污和老舊物質 。

*Direct imported from Japan/Taiwan. 

For single order above *RM80 
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