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DARIYA Salon De Pro Cleodite Hair Color Cream (3 colors)

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An emulsion type to dyed beautifully well balanced white hair and black hair. Boasts a refreshing floral fragrance, this hair dye coats hair follicles evenly in just 15 minutes. It includes 40g of 1 agent, 80ml of two agents, brush type nozzle, after-hair pack 15g, stylist glove.

How to use:

1. Add all 1 dose to 2 agents, close the black cap, shake well up and down and mix.

2. Replace it with a brush type nozzle and apply it to the whole dry hair, brush type nozzle or hand, and apply it evenly.

3. After sufficiently blending, leave it for about 15 minutes, rinse thoroughly and finish with shampoo / conditioner.



1. 於白色托盤內1劑+2劑定量11充分均勻調和。

2. 乾髮的狀態下使用內附刷子勻塗。新生髮際、細微部分可用指尖輕輕按摩使其均勻上色。

3. 靜置20分鐘後即可用清水沖洗再依照正常洗髮等步驟洗淨即可。


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