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DARIYA REFRESSE Dry Shampoo 100g (3 scents)

RM 59.90

A dry shampoo relieves the hair and scalp from stickiness, making them feel silky and smooth. It keeps the scalp clean by absorbing sebum and dirt with its smoothing ingredients. Comes in an easy, fuss-free spray bottle, making it easy to refresh yourself anytime anywhere. 3 scents: soap, floral and citrus.

這款乾洗髮含有爽滑成分,吸附皮脂和汙垢,令頭皮保持清潔狀態。採用了噴霧容器,使用簡單,隨時隨地輕鬆噴一下,令頭髮煥然一新,令黏膩頭皮和頭髮,瞬時變得柔順爽滑。3種香型: 皂香、花香、柑橘香。  

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