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Curel Intensive Moisture Cream 90g For Body

RM 119.90

The Ceramide functioning ingredient and Eucalyptus extract penetrate deeply into the stratum corneum so skin stays soft, deeply moisturized and resistant to external irritation. It helps to improve the moisturizing and barrier function of skin. Make your skin supple and smooth. So gentle, it can also be used on babies' delicate skin.

提升肌膚保濕,讓肌膚回復高密度水潤狀態,同時阻隔外部刺激。 能預防乾燥問題,提升肌膚屏護,舒緩因肌膚乾燥引起的不適。 專為敏感性肌膚設計,無香料、無色素、無酒精溫和配方。 

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