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CHOK CHOK Cherry Blossom & Honey Shower Gel 250g

RM 79.90

This 5-in-1 gel has a fresh, sweet floral scent, its hydrates, moisturize, whiten & aids in wrinkle/lines even on your body. It absorbs in seconds when you shower!  

一瓶富含5大滋养成分,点滴精粹,胶原蛋白、蜂蜜、烟烟酰胺配合樱花蜂蜜萃取。 每一朵樱花的花瓣都饱含胶原蛋白精华,洁肤的同时去死皮,弱碱性’的洗净成分,温和清洁低刺激,泡沫丰盈,同时添加了玻尿酸成分,让皮肤喝饱水,沁人心牌的味道每一次冼澡都将成为享受洗完浑身散发着樱花的香气。 

Direct imported product from Korea/Taiwan and normally 3-7 working days to be shipped.  
For single order above *RM80 
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