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Bison Kenassy Hair Removal Puff for Arms & Legs

RM 39.90

This depilatory puff makes hair removal painless and easy, and leaves skin smooth and soft. The pink side removes body hair and dead surface skin cells. The orange side gently buffs skin to reveal a younger and smoother complexion.

直接將粉色棉面以小圓圈的方式快速來回摩擦手腳上的無用雜毛, 清除後再以 綠色棉面磨光,將肌膚表面凹凸不平的肌理舒整, 使肌膚毛孔看來平滑細緻。 建議使用過後,可適量擦抹乳液或乳霜,舒緩肌膚。 

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