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Biore UV Covering Base SPF50 30g

RM 59.90

A lightweight gel that effectively protects skin from UVB rays that cause sunburn, dark spots and freckles. Spot & Pore Concealing Formula as the nude colored gel complements skin tone to create a more flawless look. Sweat resistant formula.

專為臉部肌膚設計的凝乳質地,輕推就能均勻服貼,長效耐皮脂技術添加皮脂吸附蜜粉 - 不只是粧前隔離,還能長效防止油光滿面,幫助底粧更服貼。 全面防止曬黑、曬傷、斑點、肌膚老化。 隔離、打底、防曬,一瓶就能實現!

*Direct imported product from Taiwan.

For single order above *RM80 
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