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Biore UV Athlizm Skin Protect Milk SPF50 60ml

RM 99.90

A sunscreen that shields the skin against any environment. It evenly coats the sunscreen formula with the Tough Boost polymer, making it last longer. It is water, sweat, and friction resistant and suitable for outdoor / sports. With an oil based formula that doesn't feel greasy, it leaves the skin with a silky, moisturizing finish. Can be removed with soap. Formulated to prevent acne. White floral fragrance (natural fragrant infused). 

能抵抗嚴峻環境的最強防曬,使用後能為肌膚表面均一打造一層防曬膜,讓防曬效果更持久。不僅防水防汗,更具備抗摩擦力,出遊及運動也適用。油性基底卻不會黏膩不舒服,不易生粉刺配方。白色花香 (添加天然香料) 。

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