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BCL Tsururi Peel Off Pack 55g (小鼻毛孔深層清潔鼻膜)

RM 59.90

Contains Gasol from Morocco (Morocco lava clay), jojoba seed oil, honey and naturally derived components that adsorb soil adhere tightly to the pores and then catch firmly. Just peeling off the mask removes the accumulated dirt and leads the lotion to the familiar skin.  

添加摩洛哥黏土&活性碳,塗抹在鼻翼、額頭處的頑固角栓上,只需敷上10分鐘,輕輕一撕即可去除角栓。蘊含薄荷葉提取物,蜂蜜,金縷梅葉提取物,透明質酸,荷荷巴油,天然吸附成分緊密貼合毛孔,徹底帶走頑固 角栓、汗毛。

*Direct imported from Japan/Taiwan.

For single order above *RM100
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