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Asahi Premier Rich Collagen 5500mg for 30 days

RM 139.90

This premium version combines low molecular weight compound collagen and high absorption type collagen, totaling in 5500mg of collagen. Effective in anti-aging with 16 types of beauty ingredients including 1500mg of placenta, royal jelly and Swallow’s nest, are packed in each dose (7.5g) in condensed form!

Take 1 spoon of powder into cup and mix with juice, coffee, soup or water. Recommend one spoon per day.

金色包装的Asahi Premier Rich Perfect Collagen完美胶原蛋白粉,胶原蛋白含量在系列中名列第一含有5500mg的胶原蛋白。是日本市面上胶原含量最高的产品! 除了具有好吸收的低分子胶原蛋白为基础之外,还添加了16种营养的美肌成分,让皮肤得到更多更多的营养16种美容成分内包括有胎盘素、月桃叶精华、氨基酸、燕窝、美体质乳酸菌、食物纤维、神经酰胺、维他命C、CoQ10、葡糖胺以及4种草本植物混合。

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